Preventative Maintenance

Annual maintenance are important to the life and health of the elevator. If these are done yearly, then you should eliminate some of the minor calls that are encounter over the rental season. This provides a more pleasent stay for your renters and less service cost for you the homewoner. We cannot prevent everything, but the annual service is a place to start in taking care of your Elevator.

  • Clean Hoistway, Car Top, and Elevator Pit.
  • Check Pump Unit, Oil Level & Service Recovery System, if applicable.
  • Check Alarm, Phone Emergency Stop Switch, Emergency Battery Lowering Device, Re-leveling Device, and Lights.
  • Check Cables, Safeties and Slack Cable Switch.
  • Check & Oil Rails, Jack Assembly & Roller Guides
  • Check Floor Levels and Adjust as Needed.
  • Check & Adjust Doors, Door Locks, Gate & Gate Switch, Controller, Disconnects, Pump Unit (if applicable) & Piping.